Screenshot to Save Hotline

Because filming TikToks and Reels is HARD.... but getting blog traffic should be easy.


Copy your recipe's unique token from Spillt

  • Go to your recipe in Spillt and use the “Share” button to copy the Screenshot Token
  • If your recipe isn’t in Spillt yet, you can either:
    • Install the Spillt WordPress Plugin
    • Import your recipe via URL


Include the token in your caption

  • The only part that needs to be included is “SPILLT:XXXXXX“. Frame the rest of it however you’d like!
  • You can even include the Spillt code in a pinned comment or in a photo instead.

Some reminders & tips

  • Spillt always drives traffic back to blogs, even in the case of Screenshot to Save.
  • Spillt tokens can be used anywhere. Want to put it in a photo caption? Go for it.
  • Followers will be able to use our texting hotline even without downloading the app. If a follower texts Spillt but doesn’t have a Spillt account yet, they’ll be directed to easily sign up.