FAQs: You've got questions? We've got answers

Plugin Info

Does installing the plugin scrape my recipes?

No! Just like viewing any other recipe link within Spillt, anytime someone looks at your recipe they will be visiting your blog. Spillt just opens up a web browser, showing your full site (ads, analytics, and everything else included).

Who is the plugin for?

Right now, the plugin is only for food bloggers using a WordPress site and the WP Recipe Maker, Tasty, or Create by Mediavine recipe cards.

Will the Spillt plugin slow down my blog?

Nope! Spillt is only a backend plugin and doesn’t sit on top of your blog the way other pop-ups do, so it will not impact your site speed.

Spillt Profile & Recipes

What’s the difference between my Personal Profile and Creator Profile?

Your Creator Profile shows all of your blog’s recipes in one place. Your Personal Profile is just like any other user’s – it shows all the recipes you save that might not be from your blog. When you save another blog’s recipe, it will automatically go to your Personal Profile, so no need to toggle to your Personal Profile the way you toggle between accounts on other platforms. When a Spillt user follows you, they will automatically be following both your Creator and Personal Profiles. We are working on an option to let you make your Personal Profile private if you prefer.

How does the plugin organize my blog recipes on my Spillt profile?

The plugin will automatically create collections on your Spillt profile that are based on the Categories you already use to organize your recipes on your WordPress blog. You can always make edits to those collections.

What recipes get “featured” on the Featured tab in my profile?

You can always manually edit which recipes get featured on the tab to select seasonally relevant or recently posted recipes.

What do I need to do to have new recipes show up on my Creator Profile?

Nothing! We’ll automatically publish an event to the newsfeed when you publish a new recipe on your blog, and save that recipe to your profile. Your Spillt followers will be able to save that recipe directly to their own profiles, as well.

Can my followers access my blog and other social profiles from my Spillt profile?

Yes! You can feature a link to your blog and your Instagram profile, and we are exploring adding other social platforms.


Will all reviews automatically post to my blog? Some reviews aren’t necessarily helpful or accurate.

The Spillt plugin won’t bypass any existing filters or approval steps you have in place for posting reviews to your site. So, if right now you are manually approving all reviews in WordPress before they get posted, that process will still remain the same for reviews that originate from Spillt.

Do reviews that were left on my blog show up on Spillt?

No, the plugin only makes it possible to post reviews left in Spillt on your blog, not the other way around. However, whenever users open up your recipes in Spillt, they’ll still be able to see all the original content from your blog.

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