The internet was built by bloggers.

Now we're building an app for you.

Your followers using Spillt = win-win for everyone

When your followers use Spillt, you can increase your traffic, ad revenue, and average time on site

  • Any time a user views one of your recipes in Spillt, it will ALWAYS count as a page view for your blog. Users will still see ads as they appear on any web browser
  • Your phone won’t go to sleep when a recipe is open. Less annoying for users, higher time on site for you!

A review and star rating of your recipe on Spillt = a review and a star rating on your blog’s recipe card

  • Since Spillt is a social app, users have more incentive to leave ratings and reviews because they want to share with their friends and family.
  • We’re excited to help you increase your click through rates in search results!
  • Currently available for WP Recipe Maker, other recipe cards coming soon.

Not just another platform to manage

Sync Spillt and your WordPress blog (no extra work!)

  • Links to all existing recipes can automatically be pulled into the app and auto-collected following your category structure.
  • Your followers on Spillt will automatically be notified when you’ve posted a new recipe on your blog.
  • Yes, you’re reading that right: no manual work on your part!

You don’t have to create a new type of content to grow on Spillt

  • We know there are already a thousand things to keep up with as a creator.
  • This recipe sharing app is simply a new way to make your existing recipes discoverable.
  • No SEO knowledge required!

Choose how you present on Spillt

  • You can create a profile and people can follow you and get notified of new recipes
  • You can answer user questions within Spilt.

We’re excited to have YOU onboard

We’re gearing up to launch Spillt as a beta and would love to have you involve

  • The goal is to have Spillt’s blogger features ready to test out by mid-April
  • Our consumer features (saving, sharing, and reviewing recipes) are currently being tested by a small group of friends and family, but if you’re interested in testing the app, just text us here to let us know!
  • Any interested blogger can have their own unique referral code for their fans

We’d love to have you spread the word... just not quite yet!!

  • We are super excited to get bloggers more, but need to *put the icing on the cake* before we’re ready to actively advertise this to your followers. So please hold off on sharing too much with your followers!
  • We will be actively partnering with bloggers for our launch, and would love to chat if that’s of interest to you.

Coming soon: new ways to monetize

  • We’re excited to support your small business and give you a way to monetize your recipes beyond ad networks.
  • We’re working on options for you to passively monetize your existing recipes and for your community to easily support you.

Questions? Just want to chat? Have a recipe rec for us? Text Ann & Maddy on Spillt’s Blogger Hotline:

(703) 594-6940

About the founders

Ann and Maddy Baum (sisters!) moved home to live with their mom during COVID-19 and were cooking almost every night. They were exchanging online recipes with friends over email chains, text message, and carrier pigeon (jk). The antiquated tools for sharing and saving online recipes inspired them to start Spillt.

Throughout the journey, they’ve been committed to building something that is valuable to both bloggers and consumers. They’re excited for you to start testing it out!


Ann & Maddy